Organic Hodo Braised Tofu

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Organic Hodo Braised Tofu

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At Hodo, we use time-honored, artisan methods to make a creamy, higher protein soymilk that is the foundation of all our hand-crafted tofu. The result is more complexity and depth of flavor to our firm tofu. 

To make Hodo Braised Tofu, we braise our signature Hodo Firm Tofu in a light Chinese Five-Spice blend and caramel sauce that imparts a lovely fragrance and rich flavor. A fully cooked product, you can enjoy Hodo Braised Tofu straight, in a salad or as a filling for sandwiches and omelets. We love to add it to stir-frys, congee, and noodle soups. All organic and gluten-free, there’s a freshness you can actually taste. 

Ingredients: Organic Firm Tofu* (Water, Organic,  Soybeans, Calcium Sulfate), Water, Sea Salt, Five-Spice* (Star Anise*, Cinnamon*, Fennel*, Cloves*, Black Pepper*), Brown Sugar*

Recipes: http://goo.gl/SQN42W

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Organic, non-GMO hand-crafted tofu and delicious tofu-based artisan foods that will forever change the way you know tofu. Vegan and gluten-free.Read more