Organic Japanese Cucumber

Hikari Farms

Organic Japanese Cucumber

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Organic Japanese Cucumber

Notes From The Producer

It's hard to believe it, since it just turned to springtime, but summer is starting up in Janet and Akira's magical greenhouses in Watsonville, CA. Hikari Farms is known for their amazing Japanese Cucumbers. They're thin-skinned and virtually seedless, so these delicate cukes are all sweet and lack the bitterness often associated with the thick-skinned, rigid, and heavily-seeded slicer cucumbers you'd generally find at the supermarket. Perfect for cutting into thin spears and dipping into hummus or chopped roughly into your next fresh green salad.

Product Details

1 Cucumber, approx. 8-10" long and 1" in diameter, weighing approx. 1/3 lb

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Hikari Farms
Watsonville, CA
Hikari Farms is an organic greenhouse operation in Watsonville, CA, that specializes in Asian greens. Read more