Apple Cider

Hidden Star Orchards

Apple Cider

16 fl oz
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Apple Cider

Notes From The Producer

Pure and unpasteurized, our freshly pressed apple cider is flash frozen to preserve the integrity of its flavor and unfiltered goodness until it finds its way home with you.  A combination of organic apple varieties are chosen to give it just the right blend of sweet and tangy flavor. Enjoy this pint size serving for delicious cider on the go!

Ingredients: apple juice.

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16 fl oz. Unpasteurized, may arrive partially frozen.

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About The Producer

Hidden Star Orchards
Clements, CA
Hidden Star Orchards is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Most of our products are certified organic by CCOF and sold directly to our customers at farmers' markets throughout the Bay Area. We grow apples, blueberries, cherries, grapes and pomegranates. We produce dried fruit, apple chips, fresh apple ciders, pomegranate juice, apple butter, apple sauce, blueberry preserves and fruit extracts (concentrates). We never add sugar or preservatives to anything we make...just lots of love! Read more