Sumatra Lintong, Full City+ Roast

Helio Roast

Sumatra Lintong, Full City+ Roast

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Sumatra Lintong, Full City+ Roast

Notes From The Producer

The dry grounds have a rustic sweetness of rice syrup, some toasted barley, and dried papaya. The wet aroma is complex and quite potent, and the aromatics carry over into the cup, with malt syrup and herbal tones, notes of fresh cut cedar, and pipe tobacco. Tropical fruit flavors come up in the middle roast ranges, and Full City brings out a baker's cocoa flavor. There are hints of mild sweet tobacco, and a woody note comes through too, but with this earthy Indonesia it blends well. It's an herbaceous cup, bodied, and with the low acidity you'd expect from Sumatra coffee. A nice brewed coffee, it's also great as part of an espresso blend.

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8 oz bag of freshly roasted coffee beans

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