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100% Sheep's Milk

1 quart
$0.37 / fl oz
100% Sheep's Milk

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32 oz quart bottle

"Haverton is the only sheep dairy on the West Coast to bottle their sheep milk! This mild milk will have you fighting for the layer of creamy fat at the top of the bottle!" - Erin, Buyer

Tastes great and is good for you! 

Sheep’s milk is naturally homogenized, easily digestible and is the perfect alternative for people with lactose intolerance.  Containing almost double the protein and calcium compared to cows milk. Sheep’s milk is high in mono and poly unsaturated fats, and contains substantial amounts of vitamins A, D, E, B12, Folic acid and minerals like zinc, magnesium and phosphorous.  

All this plus a mild, creamy flavor make Haverton Hill 100% Sheep’s Milk the healthy choice.

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Haverton Hill Creamery
Based in Sonoma County, we produce fresh milk from a flock of East Friesian Sheep. Our philosophy is our passion: to bring farm fresh small batch goods into your home. Read more