Organic Fava Greens

Happy Boy Farms

Organic Fava Greens

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Organic Fava Greens

Notes From The Producer

Get creative with your farmers at Happy Boy and eat some cover crop greens! Fava Greens are hearty with a distinct "beany" flavor, but are delicate and soft and can be eaten raw or cooked. Try them in a salad with some marinated red onions, walnuts, fresh herbs and a creamy dressing of your choice (we recommend blue cheese). They're also delicious cooked and can withstand a quick stir-fry or even a long braise with your favorite slow-cooked protein. 


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Happy Boy Farms
We grow a variety of crops near Watsonville. Each of our fields has a unique microclimate and soil structure, which creates a multitude of growing conditions for our wide array of row crops chosen and planted specifically for each region and the changing seasons. Read more