Hamilton Brothers Ranch

Grass-Fed Rack of Lamb (Frozen)

2.75 lb
$34.54 / lb
Grass-Fed Rack of Lamb (Frozen)

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Approx. 2.5-2.75 lb, 8 bones per full rack, arrives frozen
A delicious classic, this Rack of Lamb can be roasted or grilled whole, or sliced into individual rib chops and cooked separately. Just rub with salt and pepper and any fresh herbs you have on hand, then cook to a nice medium-rare and enjoy.

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About The Producer

Hamilton Brothers Ranch
Rio Vista, CA
Hamilton Brothers Ranch's philosophy is to raise lamb that is sustainable in their native environment. Going back to the 1800s, the Hamilton Brothers have worked with the Nature Conservancy to protect the Jepson Prairie. For over 100 years, the lambs have been individually selected and bred to produce a sheep that thrives in the Mediterranean California environment. The characteristics of these breeds have promoted sheep that have a symbiotic relationship with the native California grasslands, as well as guarantee consistency in quality.Read more