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Gravenstein Hard Cider

500 ml
$0.65 / fl oz
Gravenstein Hard Cider

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500ml, 6.1% abv

Gowan Cider's Gravenstein Hard Cider is crisp and refreshing. This fruit-forward cider has aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine, melon, citrus, bay leaf, and of course, that unmistakable bold Gravenstein apple flavor. It's lightly sparkling, with medium body and a clean, fresh medium finish. This easy-to-drink cider can stand up to spicy dishes like hot wings, jerk chicken, and barbecue, but it also pairs beautifully with grilled stone fruit and melon, cheeses, and your favorite picnic fixings.

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Gowan's Ciders
Philo, CA
Gowan's Ciders is an all estate orchard cidery in Anderson Valley that has been family owned and operated for 140 years.Read more