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Organic Moroccan Spice Sevillano Olives

10 oz
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Organic Moroccan Spice Sevillano Olives

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10 oz. net drained weight. Store below 50° for extended shelf life (up to 6 months); may be stored at 75° for 2-3 weeks.
At Good Faith Farms we cold cure our olives with a salt water brine for 6 to 8 months. The olives go through a natural lactic fermentation making them truly raw. From the orchards to your table, everything is hard harvested, sorted, cured, and packaged. Sevillano olives are delicately buttery with fresh nutty, tropical notes of flavor. Our Sevillano olive infused with blend of Mediterranean seasonings into the brine. They are full of flavor, but not too spicy. 

Ingredients: Raw Organic Sevillano Olives, filtered water, organic spices ( cayenne pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, garlic, and coriander), Organic Garlic, sea salt, Organic Olive Oil.

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Good Faith Organic Farm
Flournoy, CA
The Good Faith Organic Farm is located 13 miles west of Corning, the olive capital of the United States, in Flournoy, CA. Our 90-acre family farm is in the Sacramento Valley where rolling foothills meet the Mendocino Mountains. We tend to a herd of goats and grow a spectrum of organic herbs, produce, & fruit trees. Our 20-acres of olives trees throughout the valley are sourced from young and old orchards, some of which dating back 150 years. Read more