Organic Red Potatoes

Good Eggs Produce

Organic Red Potatoes

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Organic Red Potatoes

Notes From The Producer

With a beautiful white flesh and stunning red skin, these small potatoes are great for boiling or roasting whole.

When we can't find Red Potatoes from any of the farms we work with directly, we work with one of our trusted distributor partners to source us the highest quality organic potatoes they can find. This week's Organic Red Potatoes are coming from Vignolo Farms with the Top Brass laebel in Bakersfield, CA, and brought to us by our friends and neighbors at Earl's Organic Produce.

Product Details

Approx. 5-7 potatoes per 2 lb

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Good Eggs Produce
San Francisco, CA
At Good Eggs, we work directly with our local farmers and foodmakers, which allows us to get their food to us (and then to you) in half the time of a traditional grocery store. That means better, more delicious food for you! Read more