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Organic Chocolate Persimmons

1 lb
$5.99 / lb
Organic Chocolate Persimmons

Notes From The Producer

Shaped more like a Hachiya than a Fuyu, this rare Persimmon variety has brown streaks throughout its flesh. It can be eaten somewhat firmer than a Hachiya without fear of that awful astringency that makes firm, underripe Hachiyas so devastatingly unappealing. You can also wait for the Chocolate Persimmon to soften up to a jelly-like stage and enjoy with a spoon. In either stage, it's got a pumpkin-apricot flavor with a hint of holiday spice.

When none of the farms we work with directly has Chocolate Persimmons, we work with one of our trusted distributor partners to source us the most delicious Chocolate Persimmons in California.

Product Details

Approx. 3-4 Persimmons per lb

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