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Organic California-Grown Asparagus

1 bunch
$7.99 / lb
Organic California-Grown Asparagus

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Approx. 14-20 spears, totaling at least 1 lb
It's here, the first Asparagus of the season! Tender and fresh harvested Organic Asparagus from El Centro, CA. Grill it, steam it or broil it: however you cook it, don't forget to squeeze a bit of lemon juice on it when you've removed it from heat.

When none of the farms we work with directly have Organic Asparagus, we rely on one of our trusted distributors, Veritable Vegetable, to source the freshest product for us.

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San Francisco, CA
At Good Eggs, we work directly with our local farmers and foodmakers, which allows us to get their food to us (and then to you) in half the time of a traditional grocery store. That means better, more delicious food for you!Read more