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Bulk Organic Cosmetically-Challenged Meyer Lemons

3 lb
$3.33 / lb
Bulk Organic Cosmetically-Challenged Meyer Lemons

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Approx. 9-15 lemons per 3 lb
These Organic Meyers are super sweet, with enough acidity to remind you they're definitely still lemons. Their zest and juice are perfect for baking, making cocktails, and finishing off a salad dressing. Meyer Lemons are sweeter and more fragrant than other varieties of lemons, with a slightly lower but perfectly balanced acid content, making them exceptional in flavor for lemonade and juicing.

We know as well as you do that the skin of a lemon is only part of the story: it can be just as juicy and just as flavorful, even with a bit of scarring or some slight greening on the skin

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