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Assorted Saucing Apples

4 lb
$1.49 / lb
Assorted Saucing Apples

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Approx. 10-15 apples per 4 lb
Before we send them to your door, we sort through all our apples to pull out any bruised ones, cut ones, scarred ones, or slightly-nibbled-on ones, so that you get only the best of the best. We hate the idea of throwing out a delicious apple because of one of these defects, so we're offering them to you at a discounted price for use in sauces, juicing, dehydrating, or, for those willing to eat around a bruise or a small worm-hole, snacking!

These Apples are a mix of this week's seasonal varieties, all certified organic, from any of the following farms: Devoto Orchards, Hidden Star Orchards, Live Earth Farms and Filigreen Farm.

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Good Eggs Produce
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At Good Eggs, we work directly with our local farmers and foodmakers, which allows us to get their food to us (and then to you) in half the time of a traditional grocery store. That means better, more delicious food for you!Read more