Ghost Town Brewing

Final Rites Rye IPA

22 fl oz
$0.32 / fl oz
Final Rites Rye IPA

Notes From The Producer

Final Rites Rye IPA is packed with so much rye, it's closer in style to a German Roggenbier than an IPA. Spicy rye dominates the aroma, with hop notes of earthiness and citrus. On the palate it's medium-bodied with big notes of rye bread, followed by noticeable hop flavor and subdued bitterness in the finish. Pair with slow-roasted meats like brisket, or a nutty, earthy grain bowl.

Product Details

22 fl oz, 6.9% abv

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About The Producer

Ghost Town Brewing
Oakland, CA
Started by metalhead home-brewers dreaming of free beer and a place to rehearse their music, Ghost Town Brewing launched in 2012.Read more