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Spicy Korean BBQ Marinade

genuine grub

Spicy Korean BBQ Marinade

16 oz
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Spicy Korean BBQ Marinade

Notes From The Producer

"This is an all NEW product from Genuine Grub! As someone who loves Korean BBQ (or K-BBQ as we say in my house) I am stoked that I can now enjoy flavors from my own couch. This is the spicier version for anyone who wants to walk on the wild side. " -Erin, Grocery Buyer

looking for a spicy marinade that will set your taste buds on fire? well, this ain’t it – but it will add a nice kick to whatever you add it to. and, like our original korean bbq marinade, it’s made with only organic ingredients and stuff. so, c’mon, think of how jealous your family and friends will be of you since it’s a FACT that people who eat spicy foods live spicier lives*…..………(* umm, not a fact whatsoever.) MADE IN MARIN.

ingredients: soy sauce (water,soybean, wheat, salt),* sugar, *sesame oil,* water, apple cider vinegar,* apple cider,* cayenne powder,* arrowroot,* granulated garlic,* sesame seed,* minced garlic,* green onion,* black pepper*.     * organic

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genuine grub
San Francisco
genuine grub is a san francisco food company whose motto is 'naturally awesome.' it's about creating bold, exciting fermented and probiotic foods using only fresh, natural ingredients, and no additives or preservatives. made in marin, ca. Read more