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Organic Fennel

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Organic Fennel

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Approx. 1lb per head
Fragrant and feathery, Full Belly Farm's fennel is crunchy and sweet with a hint of licorice tang. Revered by the ancient Greeks and Romans, fennel is a powerful immune booster high in vitamin C and free-radical fighting antioxidants! Try it braised in chicken or veggie stock with some cabbage, shaved raw on salads (pair with avocado and oranges!), or baked in a savory pie. The fronds make a great garnish on soups or in salads, and you can use them to add some medicinal flair to your evening tea: fennel contains anti-spasmodic compounds that help fight your winter cough and settle your stomach after a big holiday meal.

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Full Belly Farm
Guinda, CA
We offer organic fruits & vegetables grown in the lush Capay Valley! We are committed to fostering sustainability on all levels, from fertility in our soil and care for the environment, to stable employment for our farm workers.Read more