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Organic Seedless Autumn Royale Black Grapes

1 lb
$3.99 / lb
Organic Seedless Autumn Royale Black Grapes

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Approx. 1 lb per clamshell
Autumn Royal Grapes have a sweet, rich, and slightly tannic flavor and a crisp, snappy texture. A great table grape for any occasion.

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Fruit World Company
Bianca Kaprielian and CJ Buxman established Fruit World Co. in 2017 to bring flavorful, high-quality fruit to customers and ensure that their families’ farming heritages would continue to thrive into future generations. Bianca, a fourth-generation farmer, and CJ, a third-generation farmer both grew up in Reedley, California and also share similar stories. Their parents encouraged them to go away to college and start careers they loved that was not as hard as farming, but they eventually felt the strong pull back to their agricultural roots.Read more