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Organic Tuberose

5 count
Organic Tuberose

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Approx. 5 stems 20"-30" tall
Tuberose or Tuberosa is a popular flower all over the world. Utilized for everything from cooking, wedding garlands, and religious offerings. They have small delicate white flowers that stretch along the length of the stem. The blooms have a sweetly strong fragrance that is commonly cultivated for perfumeries. They are great to have in any room as the scent will linger wherever you put them. In terms of care,  as the bottom blooms start to go, you should pull them off, allowing the stronger flowers to continue to open all the way to the top of the stalk. Keep doing this until all of them have been spent. Change water daily and cut stems frequently.

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Front Porch Farm
Healdsburg, CA
After farming blueberries at Riverbend Farm in Oregon, Peter and Mimi Buckley purchased a 110-acre vineyard situated in picturesque Healdsburg, CA, known as Front Porch Farm in 2010. Over the past eight years, they've transformed the land, guided by the principle of natural diversity.Read more