Frog Hollow Farm

Organic Crimson Lady Yellow Peaches

1 lb
$4.99 / lb
Organic Crimson Lady Yellow Peaches

Notes From The Producer

A sweet and fragrant peach that would drip juice down your chin as you take a bite is one of the joys of summer. These Organic Crimson Lady Yellow Peaches are perfect sliced up on your next salad, dessert or even just as a snack!

In order to get you your peaches in the best condition possible, we'll deliver them to you a few days away from being at peak ripeness. To expedite the ripening process, leave your peaches in a paper bag at room temperature.

Product Details

Approx. 3-6 peaches per lb

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About The Producer

Frog Hollow Farm
Brentwood, CA
We produce legendary delicious organic fruit using environmentally sustainable practices. We celebrate its unique place, draws strength from its people, embraces its local market and nourishes its larger community.Read more