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Organic Pineapple Quince

2 lb
$4.99 / lb
Organic Pineapple Quince

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Approx. 3-5 quince per 2 lbs
A traditional European fruit used for cooking, Quince have a unique, mildly sweet and aromatic quality. Coupled with a high pectin content, this makes them perfect for mixing with apples and pears for sweet sauces, pies, jellies, or jams. A popular 100% quince jam known as 'membrillo' is a perfect companion for soft cheese and crackers! Also enjoyable in some savory dishes; we recommend large chunks cooked alongside potatoes in a dark curry.

This Pineapple Quince has yellow skin when ripe, and tender, white flesh with subtle pineapple flavor and aroma.

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