Free Spirit Farm

Organic Osage Blackberry Trio

3 half pint
$0.72 / oz
Organic Osage Blackberry Trio

Notes From The Producer

Osage Blackberries are a juicy, extremely sweet and flavorful medium-sized blackberry.  They grow on vigorous thornless bushes, and are addictively good.  Great for eating fresh or baking.

Product Details

Three half-pints, containing approx. 18 oz of fruit

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Free Spirit Farm
Free Spirit Farm is a 7 acre farm in Winters CA, an hour north of SF, with orchards, row crops, berries, chickens, and more! We take a holistic approach to farming which means the use of native hedgerows, bat and owl boxes, and the maintaining of healthy soil to grow healthy plants. We use compost, cover crops, and our own flock of free range chickens to sustain soil fertility. Read more