Flying Disc Ranch

Yellow Barhi Dates

8 oz
$0.74 / oz
Yellow Barhi Dates

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Approx. 15-25 dates per 8oz

These fresh Yellow Barhi Dates are available for only the first 2 months of the fall harvest, so enjoy them while you can! They have a crisp, sweet, flavor reminiscent of cane sugar with apple and coconut tones. These dates are attached to their vine, and over time turn brownish (and sweeter!) as they ripen.

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Flying Disc Ranch
Thermal, CA
Robert and Chistina Kelso practice Eco-Dynamic farming, with roots in permaculture, biodynamics, and organic growing methods. They take great pride in the way they care for the earth and in the high quality, delicious fruits they produce. From their farm in Thermal, CA, they distribute directly to many northern California farmers markets as well as to small grocery stores and restaurants.Read more