Wild Yukon River Keta Salmon

1 lb
$17.99 / lb
Wild Yukon River Keta Salmon

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1lb, 2 pieces fillet, previously frozen, refreshed.
This Wild Yukon River Salmon is Keta salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) from the Yukon River run, one of the longest salmon runs on the planet. The fish are harvested using dip net and gill net by the Yupik People of Western Alaska. They fish at the mouth of the river to snag salmon who are loaded up with Omega-3-rich fats to fuel their 1900 mile journey, resulting in a rich and buttery flavor with a smooth mouthfeel. These fillets come from fish that were immediately flash frozen upon harvest—they are expertly defrosted and portioned by our friends at Lus America to provide you with a fresh salmon equivalent at any time of year.

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