First Fruits of Washington

Organic Opal Apple Trio

3 count
$2.49 / lb
Organic Opal Apple Trio

Product Details

Approx. 1.05-1.35 lb per trio
Organic Opal Apples are like no other! These bright yellow apples have a distinctively crunchy texture, floral aroma, and a sweet, tangy flavor. What makes this tasty apple extra special is the fact that Opal Apples won't brown after cutting, perfect for sliced apples in a salad or in kids' lunchboxes.

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First Fruits of Washington
Prescott, WA
Broetje Orchards is committed to ensuring the growing and packing of safe, quality fruit in a manner that is recognized as an example for others within the industry. Moreover, we have dedicated ourselves to a way of conducting business that respects the people who make our business possible—our employees. Read more