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Organic Sundowner Apples

1 lb
$3.99 / lb
Organic Sundowner Apples

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Approximately 3-5 apples per pound
The Sundowner Apple is a proprietary apple of the Cripps Red variety, a relative of the Cripps Pink apple, which is frequently marketed as a Pink Lady. Both are results of Golden Delicious by Lady Williams crosses. The Sundowner was introduced in the 1970's in Western Australia, has a sweet flavor with a slight sharpness, and is great for eating out-of-hand or cooking.  Get these late-season apples before the local storage season is over!

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Filigreen Farm
Anderson Valley, CA
Filigreen Farm is situated on 97 acres in Anderson Valley, Mendocino County, California. It is a Demeter-certified Biodynamic and CCOF-certified organic diversified farm whose primary products are tree fruits, blueberries, olives, wine, and table grapes, and houses a production garden (flowers and vegetables), apiary, and an ongoing inquiry into water revitalization.Read more