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Organic Hauer Pippin Apples

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Organic Hauer Pippin Apples

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Approximately 3-4 apples per pound
Though these Hauer Pippins were grown in Mendocino, they originate from Aptos in Santa Cruz Co., CA in the 1890's. They're sweet, with an almost holiday-esque spice (think cinnamon or cloves).  It's resistant to diseases, making it easier for smaller organic growers to grow and market without risk of losing the whole crop.  Because of their late-ripening and their storability, they were often referred to as "Christmas Apples" in Santa Cruz as they ripened in November and stored until Christmas.  In the 1980's, Peter Hauer, who found the first chance seedlings, would ship the apples back to England, keeping them cool during the shipping for them to be consumed in March.

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