Falcon Spirits

Amaro Aplomado

750 ml
$1.10 / fl oz
Amaro Aplomado

Notes From The Producer

Falcon Spirits' Amaro Aplomado is a unique herbal liqueur. It's balanced between bitter and sweet elements, with a strong herbal backbone and flavors imparted by fresh California artichokes. You'll notice herbal and citrus aromas with a smooth body and a lingering mouthfeel. Amaro Aplomado makes a great digestif or nightcap, or can be added to many cocktails as a boost of herbaceous bittersweetness.

Product Details

750ml, 32% abv

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About The Producer

Falcon Spirits
Richmond, CA
Falcon Spirits was started in 2013 by Farid Dormishian in Richmond, CA to highlight and experiment with making spirits using natural and locally sourced ingredients.Read more