EcoSafe Zero Waste

Yard & Garden Compostable Bags

6 count
Yard & Garden Compostable Bags

Notes From The Producer

EcoSafe's Yard & Garden Compostable Bags are their extra-large size, perfect for holding piles of autumn leaves, cut grass, tree trimmings, and more. Made in North America, these compostable bags do a great job of preventing leaks and tears, from broken branches to plant stems. Three times the capacity of a standard kitchen waste liner, these hefty bags make composting easier at home or in the workplace.

Product Details

6 compostable bags, 39 gallon / 147 liter capacity

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EcoSafe Zero Waste
Surrey, BC
EcoSafe is dedicated to helping their community implement best-in-class composting practices, working towards a zero-waste future both at home and in the workplace.Read more