Pasture Raised Duck (Frozen)

Early Bird Ranch

Pasture Raised Duck (Frozen)

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Pasture Raised Duck (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

Whole Pasture-Raised Duck, free of GMOs, corn, soy, and antibiotics.  Healthy, happy ducks raised on the beautiful coast just a short drive South of San Francisco.

Each duck is cryo-vac'd and flash-frozen to preserve the highest quality and freshness.

Early Bird ducks are a truly gourmet treat.  Their life on our fertile pastures gives their rich and tender meat deep flavors, making these ducks a perfect example of the exceptional food that the beautiful coastal pastures south of San Francisco can produce.  This is a seasonal product, once it's gone, it's gone!  

Early Bird ducks live outside in mobile pasture shelters that are moved every day onto fresh grasses that haven't been grazed by poultry for at least a full year. They have constant access to water, and enjoy splashing and bathing several times a day.

To help them grow, we supplement their diet with a high-quality feed free of GMOs, corn, soy, and antibiotics. Their healthy outdoor lifestyle and balanced and diverse diet produces a tender, juicy, and flavorful bird that will be the highlight of any meal!

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3.25-3.5 pounds, frozen for freshness

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Early Bird Ranch
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