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Smoked Maple Bacon (Frozen)

0.75 lb
$15.98 / lb
Smoked Maple Bacon (Frozen)

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Arrives frozen, .75-1lb
If you're looking for that classic bacon flavor, sweet and savory that just hits that bacon spot, congratulations, you've found your new best friend.  DG-Langley Farms is proud to offer our Maple Sugar bacon.  This is what real bacon tastes likes folks.

Our sows are Yorkshires crossed on either a Duroc or Berkshire boar. The sows are pastured along with their piglets until the piglets are weaned. The weaned piglets are then finished with whole milk, whole grain breads, brewers grain, and tortillas, producing what we believe to be a superior product.

Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Cane & Maple Sugars, Celery Powder

Natural Bacon, No Nitrates

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DG-Langley Farms
Marin and Sonoma Counties
DG-Langley Farms is the combination of 2 legendary (at least in their own minds) pig farmers, Mark Pasternak of Devil's Gulch Ranch and Pete Langley of Langley Farms. With their combined efforts they are consistently able to provide the highest quality pork at fair market prices.Read more