Devoto Orchard Ciders

Save the Gravenstein Hard Cider

750 ml
$0.51 / fl oz
Save the Gravenstein Hard Cider

Notes From The Producer

In August, when their Gravenstein apples are at the peak of ripeness, Devoto Orchards picks them and presses them, preserving every last delicious drop. Save the Gravenstein is a food-friendly dry cider with aromas of lemon, sage, yeast, and mint on the nose leading to bright acidity and a smooth finish. Pair this crisp, light pour with any seafood dish from oysters on the half-shell to grilled shrimp or baked fish, as well as summery salads and cheese dishes.

Product Details

750 ml, 6.9% abv

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Devoto Orchard Ciders
Second generation apple farmer Jolie Devoto and her husband Hunter are making unique award winning ciders from the family's organic dry farmed apples.Read more