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Organic Vintage Kraut

14 oz
$0.92 / oz
Organic Vintage Kraut

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14 oz jar
In tribute to the herbal sauerkraut tradition of Eastern Europe.

Cultured's sauerkrauts are naturally fermented in a brine created from the juice of the vegetables and salt.

No Vinegar º No Water º No Heat

This product is unpasteurized to retain is vibrant ecosystem of probiotic bacteria.

Restore. Revitalize. Rethink Sauerkraut!

Ingredients: green cabbage*, caraway seed*, juniper berries*, green apples*, sea salt (*organic)

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In the spirit of enlarging the collective culinary mind, Cultured challenges the narrow confines of America's pickle prejudices. Global pickling traditions of the past interact dynamically with the Northern California foodshed in our Berkeley shop.Read more