Organic Indian Pickled Limes

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Organic Indian Pickled Limes

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Organic Indian Pickled Limes

Notes From The Producer

Where you are is important. It defines what you do. Some ideas travel well, some are rooted in a time or a place. To try to force an idea or a recipe, a concept or a conceit, out of it’s place of origin, where it was conceived and constructed,  and into a new environment without adjusting, you will inevitably come out with a poor copy.

Under the heat of the Indian sun, while trying to preserve limes or mangoes in huge quantities for long durations,  a copious amount of salt and oil may be necessary. However they are, in my experience, oily salt bombs.

Here in the temperate climate of the San Francisco Bay we use much less salt and no oil. We ferment the limes for ten months with fresh chilies and ginger, fenugreek, turmeric and mustard seed, salt and sugar. The clean taste of lime is revealed,  and it is delicious.

Ingredients: Limes*, Ginger*, Jalapeño Peppers*, Turmeric*, Fenugreek*, Mustard Seed*, Salt, Sugar*

*Organically grown

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