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Biodynamic Apricot Fruit Spread

10 oz
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Biodynamic Apricot Fruit Spread

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Crofter's Vintage Series Biodynamic Apricot Fruit Spread was created to showcase the great taste and all the benefits of Biodynamic Demeter Certified fruit. Biodynamic practices use the most sustainable methods of agriculture and support fair trade principles, working to actively restore farmland and leave it better than before. Bright, sweet, and flavorful, this sunny apricot spread will bring your PB&Js to the next level; or spread it on scones, muffins, toast, pancakes, and blintzes; dollop it into thumbprint cookies and hamentaschen; or sandwich it between linzer cookies. 

Ingredients: apricots (biodynamic apricot puree*, organic apricot halves*), biodynamic cane sugar*, apple pectin, organic lemon juice concentrate* (*organic).

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Crofter's Organic
Ontario, Canada
Crofter's Food Ltd has been manufacturing organic fruit spreads since the beginning of the trend toward organics. We continue to be family owned and now employ over 40 people making us one of the largest employers in the area.Read more