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Organic Smoked Salt Almond Dark Chocolate Bar (81%)

2 oz
$3.49 / oz
Organic Smoked Salt Almond Dark Chocolate Bar (81%)

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Nearly a quarter pound of 81% dark chocolate! Fairly Sourced from Peru & Ecuador. Sweetened with Organic coconut sugar. We soak and dehydrate local, farmers market Kashiwase Almonds, which removes enzyme inhibitors and makes them extra crunchy & delicious. We then sprinkle in smoked sea salt & vanilla.  

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic almonds, organic cacao butter, smoked sea salt, organic vanilla bean & himalayan crystal salt.

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Our chocolate begins with small, sustainable organic cacao farms around the world. The end product is an assortment of sinfully satisfying, angelically pure, raw cacao superfood chocolates for your enjoyment.Read more