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03 Single Origin Coffee Beans

12 oz
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03 Single Origin Coffee Beans

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The 03 Single Origin series will change seasonally as the Coffee Manufactory changes the source of their coffee beans. 

Currently featuring Ethiopia Kedamai Lot 7. 


Wet Mill & Cooperative: Kedamai                 
Region: Jimma
Elevation: 1980 - 2200 masl
Variety: Heirloom             
Process: Washed

CUPPING NOTES: Black Currant, Assam Tea, Clementine, Green Grape, Juicy. 

Our new O3 hails from a wet mill by the name of Kedamai, located in Oromia region, Jimma Zone Western Ethiopia. If this name sounds familiar, well that’s because you’ve heard it before! Kedamai Lot #5 is a 50% component of our current O2 Filter Blend. 

When we began working with Kata Maduga Cooperative Union last year, we were introduced to numerous incredible coffees out of Jimma, and it was very difficult to select which coffees to share with you. 

As we cupped through all of Kata Maduga’s offerings, a few were immediate stand-outs; most notably Kedamai Lot #7. While Lot #5 presented subtle acidity and delicate notes of semi-sweet chocolate - a perfect component for our current O2 Filter Blend - Kedamai Lot #7 was beautifully floral and tea-like suited best for a single origin offering. Lot #7 particularly checked all the characteristics of what we look for when sourcing out of Jimma: clean, crisp, with bursting florals and mellow acidity. 

If you’re wondering why coffees grown in the same region could have such drastic differences, there are many reasons: annual weather patterns, fertilization variances, age and location of coffee shrubs, etc. Many of these circumstances contribute to yielding unique flavor characteristics for coffees grown on the exact same farm just feet away from one another. 

This was the first year of production for Kedamai washing station as part of the Kata Maduga Cooperative and we feel so privileged to share not one, but two of their exquisite coffees with you. Expect notes of Black Currant, Assam Tea, Clementine, Green Grape, Juicy Mouthfeel from this exclusive offering. 

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