03 Single Origin Coffee Beans

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03 Single Origin Coffee Beans

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03 Single Origin Coffee Beans

Notes From The Producer

The 03 Single Origin series will change seasonally as the Coffee Manufactory changes the source of their coffee beans. 

Currently featuring Nano Challa from Ethiopia.

Producer: Nano Challa Coorperative
Region: Gera District, Jimma Zone, Oromia Region
Altitude: 1900-2200m

To say that coffee professionals gravitate towards one origin over another is usually a stretch, as even the most seasoned coffee professionals enjoy a wide array of profiles. However, if there were to be one exception, then it would most certainly be Ethiopian coffees which exist on a plateau all their own. 

The supply chain within Ethiopia is delicate and dependent every person playing a role in growing and nurturing the coffee. Our new 03 named “Nano Challa” is an example of this cooperation can produce incredible results. 

Nano Challa comes from the Jimma region in Ethiopia, known to some as the “Garden of Eden” of all coffee. Nano Challa and relative projects Duromina and Yukro use a processing technology called a Penagos.

Penagos was designed in Colombia with the goal of streamlining and offering greater control during coffee processing, while minimizing the amount of resources required. Traditional washed coffee methods require an incredible amount of water, space, and resources. With this equipment, mill managers can control the speed of de-mucilization all the while needing a significantly less amount of water. 

At Nano Challa, all the pulp and 90% of the mucilage are removed, then the parchment is dry fermented for several hours before being rinsed. The results of this simple process are stunning intrinsic flavors of the terroir; florals, stone fruits and sugar cane sweetness. 

Nano Challa offers a beautifully complex glimpse into everything that makes good coffee great. We obsess over finding coffees that can be this remarkable and are proud to add to our offerings list.

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