03 Single Origin Coffee Beans

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03 Single Origin Coffee Beans

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03 Single Origin Coffee Beans

Notes From The Producer

The 03 Single Origin series will change seasonally as the Coffee Manufactory changes the source of their coffee beans. 

Currently featuring Ingoboka from Rwanda.

Producer: Ingoboka Cooperative
Region: Rutsiro District, Western Province
Altitude: 1600 – 2100 masl
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed

Located along the eastern shore of Lake Kivu, about a 40 minute

moto-ride south of Gisenyi, the Ingoboka Cooperative was

established in 2004 and made up of 135 members, 47 of whom

are women farmers. In recent years, this cooperative has made

huge strides in their efforts to produce specialty grade coffees.

Our own Coffee Manufactory team member, Matthew Jung-Quillen,

lived and worked at this washing station in 2015, where he

was involved in coordinating a “New Harvest Agenda”, which

aimed to maximize the quality of the coffee cherries and parchment

produced in this region.

Emphasis was placed on instructing farmers on selective cherry

picking, as well as establishing new teams which implemented

quality control measures during the processing of cherries.

Washing station teams included Cherry Receivers, which

selected only the ripe and defect free cherries to be weighed

and documented, Machinist Teams which ‘floated’ cherries in

water to remove low density ‘floaters’, oversaw depulping and

cherry waste removal, a Sorting Team which again floated and

sorted the cherries before dry fermenting overnight, a Washing

Team which was then responsible for a 24hr wet fermentation,

followed by grading and vigorous washing. And lastly, the Drying

Team, which would complete one final hand sort and a 3-week

drying period on raised beds under the sun.

Additional to process improvements, this “New Harvest Agenda”

resulted in facility upgrades like new drying and sorting beds,

re-sealing epoxy soaking tanks, replacement hulling disks, weigh

scales, and even the establishment of daily reports that helped

expedite the payment to both washing station workers and

farmers. Ingoboka Cooperative maintains a children’s school fund

to assist members with education expenses and a health

insurance program to improve access to medical care.

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