02 Filter Coffee Beans

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02 Filter Coffee Beans

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02 Filter Coffee Beans

Notes From The Producer


From the very beginning, our vision for the 02 filter blend has been to curate a flavor profile that is approachable and easy-to-drink without sacrificing uniqueness and complexity. For us, this means building a blend is less about finding two coffees that make up for each other’s shortcomings, and more about finding two coffees that work together to highlight and promote the distinctness of each. This combo is the perfect example.

The new 02 is comprised of 50% San Adolfo from Colombia, with a soft, floral complexity and sweetness, and 50% Nano Challa from Ethiopia, with a sparkling clean, stone-fruit acidity and syrupy sweetness and body. The interplay between these two coffees is flawless. The structure and body of the Nano Challa provides an epic framework to pronounce the soft, floral complexity of San Adolfo, resulting in the stability of a blend with a clarity and distinctness usually reserved for single-origin offerings.

Producer: 23 Smallholder Farmers
Mill: Micro wet/dry mills on the farms
Region: San Adolfo, Acevedo Region
Altitude: 1350-1900 masl
Varietals: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

San Adolfo is nestled deep in the mountainous Huila Department, surrounded by many rivers that bless the region with a unique natural water source and rainfall patterns unique to Colombia. The farmers in this area work hard to adapt to this micro-climate and prepare some of the best coffees in the world.

Producer: 100+ Nano Challa Smallholders
Mill: Nano Challa
Region: Agaro Town, Jimma Zone
Altitude: 2000 MASL 
Varietals: 1274 & Native Heirloom

Located outside Agaro town – the expressed provenance of all coffee – in Western Ethiopia, the heirloom coffees being processed at the Nano Challa co-op provide flavor profiles that stretch our definition of what is possible.

Founded in 2010, Nano Challa is the result of a collaboration with non-profit organization Technoserve, which provided a Penagos eco-pulper for wet processing and established a “Farm College” for the local farmers in the area.

The Penagos opens the door to the flavor profile of this unique region by providing a way this coffee to be washed and prepped cleanly without the necessity of an abundance of water. The educational piece assists farmers in both agronomic and business practices to help improve the flavor quality and market value of their produce, resulting in exceptional coffee year over year.

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