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02 Filter Coffee Beans

12 oz
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02 Filter Coffee Beans

Notes From The Producer



Farm: El Aguacate
Producer: Osneider Laoiza Marin
Region: Caldas, Colombia
Elevation: 1780 masl
Cultivar: Castillo


Farm: El Sauce
Producer: Esteban Madrid Chavez
Region: Santa Barbara, Honduras  
Elevation: 1450 masl
Cultivar: Pacas

CUPPING NOTES: Honeydew melon, pomelo, ripe red fruit, honey, brown spice, juicy acidity, structured body.

From the very beginning, our focus for our 02 filter blend has been to combine two high quality, in-season offerings with complementing flavor profiles to maximize complexity. In blending, we want to highlight the strengths of each coffee, offering a balanced picture while still promoting the uniqueness of each flavor profile, and creating an overall experience that is complex yet inviting. Our first 02 of 2018 is exactly that, combining two unique coffees: one from Santa Barbara Honduras and the other from Caldas, Colombia.

The Honduran half of this blend is sourced from our relationship with Benjamin Paz, whose family manages and runs Beneficio San Vicente in Pena Blanca, Honduras, grown by Esteban Madrid Chavez near the El Sauce community in Santa Barbara. Don Esteban started growing coffee here in 1985 on 21 hectares of land passed down from his father, and now works the land with the support of his three sons, carrying on the family tradition. 

Don Estaban’s coffee is relatively famous in the region, having taken top honors in the COE in 2008, just as high quality, focused micro-lot coffees started to emerge from Honduras. The coffees here are vibrant and floral, with delicate underpinning and structure. When asked what makes his coffee so great, Don Estaban credits the organization and management of his farm as well as clean milling and drying processes.

The other half is grown outside of the Pacora municipality by a farmer named Osneider Laaoiza Marin. Don Osneider started working the family coffee farm at age 12, and with his father’s guidance, developed a strong passion for managing quality coffee farms. El Aguacate is Osneider’s own farm, where he continues to refine his craft and produces excellent coffee.

Sourced through our partnership with Valentina Duque, who owns Siruma Coffee Labs in Caldas, Colombia.this coffee explodes with intensity, body, and flavors of ripe fruit - the result of centuries-old traditions of coffee cultivation and passion. When paired, we get crisp, juicy flavors like honeydew, soft citric acidity like pomelo, deep red fruit flavors, a honeyed sweetness and lingering brown spice in the finish. Though each of these coffees demonstrates the quality to stand alone when paired, they create something ultimately more complex and show our specific aim in building our filter blend.

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