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02 Filter Coffee Beans

12 oz
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02 Filter Coffee Beans

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  • Cooperative: Cooperativa de Alto Occidente de Caldas
  • Producers: 1,150 Smallholder Farmers
  • Region: San Lorenzo
  • Elevation: 1900 masl
  • Cultivars: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra
  • Process: Washed


  • Wet Mill & Cooperative: Kedamai
  • Producers: 204 Smallholder Farmers
  • Region: Oromia, Jimma Zone, Gome District
  • Elevation: 1980 - 2200 masl
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Process: Washed

CUPPING NOTES: Cherry cola, milk chocolate, creamy body with lemon acidity.

The focus for our 02 filter blend is to combine two high-quality in-season offerings with complementing flavor profiles to maximize complexity. In blending, we want to highlight the strengths of each coffee, while still promoting the uniqueness of each flavor profile, and creating an overall experience that is complex yet inviting.


50% of our 02 is composed of a regional blend from the indigenous reserve of San Lorenzo located in the municipality of Riosucio, department of Caldas, Colombia. This regional blend is directly sourced via our partnership with one of our most robust sourcing partners, a young Colombian entrepreneur named Valentina Duque, owner and operator of Siruma Coffee Labs. Farmers in this region bring their coffees to a cooperative named Alto Occidente de Caldas. There they are able to develop their production and process their coffees. Cooperatives such as Alto Occidente de Caldas help farmers connect with organizations such as Siruma. 

Siruma was born out of a simple desire: to bring coffee producers to the forefront. In order to do so, they offer higher premiums to farmers and reward effort and quality. As Siruma’s roasting partner, we are able to directly source from these producer groups and set prices at the producer level. We do this in order to ensure transparency in all aspects of the supply chain.


The remaining 50% of our 02 hails from a cooperative/wet mill by the name of Kedamai, located in Oromia region, Jimma Zone of Western Ethiopia. Kedamai is a part of the Kata Maduga Cooperative Union and is in its first year of production. It’s exciting to see a group like Kedamai form, for it shows that the coffee business model created by Technoserve works. It shows that these groups can thrive without the direct support of an NGO. Also, it validates the power a transparent business model, such as the one implemented by the Kata Maduga Cooperative Union, has for growing groups like Kedamai.

 The Kedamai wet mill has potential to produce a decent amount of volume in the next few years. It has a large Penagos (2500) eco-pulping machine, which can process 2,500 kg ripe cherry coffee per hour. Kedamai is situated on a nice sloped hill with the wet mill situated at the top. Processing at Kedamai flows in correlation with the slope of the hill; the wet mill on top trickling down to the drying beds at the base of the hill.

Despite some first-year inconsistencies in Kedamai’s lots, we found some gems, including this lot. We want to invest, support and give this new group an opportunity. We look forward to continuing our partnership and contributing to the growth of projects like Kedamai.

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