01 Espresso Coffee Beans

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01 Espresso Coffee Beans

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01 Espresso Coffee Beans

Notes From The Producer

The 01 Espresso series will change seasonally as the Coffee Manufactory changes the source of their coffee beans. 

The current seasonal is a blend of 20% Yukro (Ethiopia), 40% Mapacho (Peru), and 40% Finca Severa (Guatemala). This espresso is versatile in both espresso and as drip coffee.

Region: Jimma
Cooperative: Yukro
Department: Agaro
Altitude: 1900m
Variety: Hierloom
Process: Washed
Drying Method: Raised beds

Origin: Peru
Cooperative: Rio Mapacho
Department: Puno
Province: Sandia
Altitude: 1700-1950 masl
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra
Process: Washed
Drying Method: Raised beds and Patio

Region: Huehuetenango
Farmer: Dr. Carlos Roberto Serrano Roa
Altitude: 1459 masl
Variety: Anacafe 14, caturra, Pache, Sarchimor
Process: Washed
Drying method: Sun dried on patios

Historically, the Peruvian coffee trade has suffered from a lack of exposure. The country’s sub-par infrastructure in places like Puno, which require a 15+ hour drive from any sort of major city, make the region easy to overlook. Lacking access to innovative processing, equipment updates, and work with the specialty market hasn’t done any favors for farmers. For these reasons, quality Peruvian coffees can be hard to find. 

However, hidden in Peru are all the intrinsic qualities that make for great coffee: high altitudes (mostly at 2000masl) quality Typica varietals, and small 1-2 hectare farms run by farmers still holding to old world techniques like crank depulpers and small fermentation tanks. 

Mapacho, a coffee from Puno, Peru is a direct result of how these intrinsic factors can produce high quality coffee. Mapacho is the perfect anchor for any espresso intended blend, with soft, subtle flavors begging to be highlighted by pressure extraction.

Unlike Puno, the Guatemalan coffee-producing region of Huehuetenango has been well traveled for many years and produces a high volume of quality coffee.  Finca Severa is one of these coffees. With a flavor profile likened to chocolate and ripe red fruits, this is a classic example of coffees grown in Huehuetenango. This profile, similar to Mapacho’s, also is perfect for espresso extractions. 

Finally, we wanted to round out this blend with some additional sparkle and complexity. To accomplish our goal we mixed in 20% Yukro, a famous washing station based near Agaro Town, Ethiopia. This coffee may sound familiar to you as it has been impressive as our mainstay “03” for the past few months. The flavor profile of this eco-pulped Ethiopian offers a citrusy crispness, stone fruit acidity, and delicate florals. These flavors brilliantly coat the soft and mild profiles of the Peru and Guatemalan coffees. 

These three coffees offer an inviting and unique sensory experience known as our 01 Espresso Blend. 

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