Organic Nonfat  Strawberry Greek Yogurt

Clover Sonoma

Organic Nonfat Strawberry Greek Yogurt

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Organic Nonfat Strawberry Greek Yogurt

Notes From The Producer

Reminiscent of summer at its peak, our Strawberry Greek Yogurt is like dipping your spoon into a ripe, juicy berry patch blended fresh Clover Organic Nonfat Milk.

We think that if you can't make it right, you shouldn't make it at all. And we've found a way to make it right: in our organic, authentically strained Greek yogurt, with nonfat milk and 22 grams of protein per serving. For decades we've partnered with a handful of humane, family-owned farms where the cows are raised in open pastures to produce our organic milk. Clo even gave her approval. 

Ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized Organic Nonfat Grade A Milk, Organic Strawberries, Organic Sugar, Pectin, Natural Flavor, Carrot Juice (color), Organic Locust Bean Gum,Citric Acid, Calcium Chloride. Live Cultures: Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidus, Lactobacillus casei.

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Clover Sonoma
In the early 1900s the Petaluma Cooperative Creamery began distributing Clover Brand dairy products to stores and residential customers in the Petaluma, CA area. As Petaluma and the rest of Sonoma and Marin Counties continued to grow, so did the Co-op. Clover Brand products began showing up in nearly every store and household in the North Bay. Read more