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nine seasonal chocolates

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nine seasonal chocolates

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nine freshly made chocolates in a colorful handmade gift box

nine seasonal chocolates

decadent hand-crafted chocolates infused with some of the finest local or sustainably sourced ingredients. each chocolate is made by hand over a three day period, resulting in the silkiest, richest, and smoothest chocolates you can imagine. assortment of flavors inspired by our favorite ingredients this week.

these chocolates are meant to be enjoyed while fresh, like a cake. we make them in fresh batches once a week, and we stamp the date they are made on each box. store in a cool dark place - do not refrigerate - and enjoy within a few days of receiving them.

contains: chocolate, organic cream, organic sugar, organic nuts, other seasonal ingredients

allergens: milk, nuts, soy (emulsifier in chocolate)

net weight: 110 g / 3.88 oz

note: photo is of an assortment of our chocolates. the exact design of our chocolates and box changes with each batch.

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About The Producer

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Oakland, CA
is an artisanal chocolates company that specializes in freshly-infused, hand-dipped chocolate ganaches. Each week we create a collection of ephemeral, seasonal chocolates, inspired by the most delicious ingredients we can find or forage.Read more