Claravale Farm

Raw Goat Milk

1 quart
$0.28 / fl oz
Raw Goat Milk

Notes From The Producer

Raw goat milk is known to be nutrient-rich, easily digestible, and well tolerated even by those with lactose intolerance. It contains digestive aids known as oligosaccharides which act as a prebiotic in the intestine, feeding the healthy bacteria and suppressing the bad.  

At Claravale Farm, they have registered La Mancha, Alpine, & Saanen dairy goats. All of these breeds are recognized as the leading dairy goat breed for milk production and excellent milk quality. 

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1 quart. $2.00 bottle deposit.

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About The Producer

Claravale Farm
Panoche, CA
Claravale Farms is a raw milk dairy in Panoche, CA. They raise La Mancha, Alpine, & Saanen dairy goats as well as Jersey Cows. They bottle and market the milk themselves, so they have control over every step of the process. This allows for a quick delivery of quality products. Read more