Ceylon Pure

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

10 fl oz
$0.87 / fl oz
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Notes From The Producer

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is unique and proclaimed as one of the healthiest oils. Island of Ceylon or Sri Lanka as it is known now, is one of the world’s largest producers of coconuts. The tropical weather and the salty soil around the island, results in superior quality coconuts.

Ceylon Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from coconuts harvested from gardens in Sri Lanka. The fully ripened, mature meat is first dried and then cold pressed to extract all the rich goodness. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids such as Lauric acid and 100% cholesterol free

This energy boosting, flavor enhancing medium-heat cooking oil is perfect for flavoring, baking, frying, & roasting (a healthier alternative to margarine). 

 Our Coconut Oil has also been used as a hair and skin oil for decades in Ceylon. We now present this exceptional oil for your daily needs.

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About The Producer

Ceylon Pure
Ceylon Pure specializes is providing you with the healthiest and purest range Ancient Heirloom Rice and exotic Coconut Products from Sri Lanka. Ceylon Pure is unique in its own way because we are dedicated to helping Rural Returns Development Org which helps small family farmers rebuild their livelihoods after a three decade internal war. Sri Lanka is rebuilding livelihoods after a 25 year old war and we want be a strong force by recruiting more farmers from war areas to turn battle fields to rice fields.Read more