Pasture Raised Eggs (Medium)

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Pasture Raised Eggs (Medium)

1 dozen
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Pasture Raised Eggs (Medium)

Notes From The Producer

These eggs come to you from Lost Marbles Ranch via the Capay Valley Farmshop.

Lost Marbles Ranch
Hi, My name is Lora Murray. Along with my husband I run a small farm playfully named Lost Marbles Ranch near Capay, northern Yolo County. My chickens are free range on irrigated pasture that has no herbicieds, pesticides or fertilizers applied. The feed they are given is GMO and soy free. I get many compliments on their eggs at farmers markets, I hope you enjoy them as well. Feel free to visit the Lost Marbles Ranch Facebook page. Thank you!

Product Details

1 dozen eggs from pastured hens, medium. Soy free, non-GMO fed.

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Capay Valley Farm Shop Eggs
Guinda, CA
Pastured Eggs from the Capay Valley to you! Read more