California Olive Ranch

Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil

750 ml
$0.59 / fl oz
Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Notes From The Producer

Floral, buttery and fruity aroma. Smooth flavor with hints of green apple. Versatile - great for baking, sautéing, and everyday uses.

Good Eggs Loves California Olive Ranch

Chico, CA

Family, Community, Story: 70 Olive Rancher Strong

California Olive Ranch is an olive oil company committed to transparency, sustainability and affordability. The oil comes from a collective of 70+ farmers in California and all of the orchards are certified Non-GMO and part of the Non-GMO Verified Project. They’re active members in the UC-Davis Olive Center, 4H and Future Farmers of America and works closely with local schools to help build healthy school lunch programs.

Sourcing, Practices, Standards: Fierce Traceability & Holistic Farming

California Olive Ranch takes a holistic approach to caring for their trees and land and they work closely with surrounding farms to share mulch and other resources. COR is also dedicated to providing their customers with the nitty gritty details of where their olives were grown: every bottle contains a lot code, which - when entered on their website - will tell you where the olives were grown, when they were harvested, and who was on the bottling.

Flavor: California Olive Oil - Underdogs No More!

Similar to the wine industry, California olive oil has been overlooked for its Old World European counterparts for ages. But not any more! Since their founding, California Olive Ranch has has won 47+ awards for its superior light and fruity flavor, which they credit to their ability to mill olives from “branch to bottle” within 4 hours.

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About The Producer

California Olive Ranch
Chico, CA
We think you should know exactly where the olives in your olive oil come from. Our olive oil is traceable back to the California ranches where our olives are grown. We also believe that you should know how fresh your olive oil is, that’s why every bottle of our olive oil displays the harvest date.Read more