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Hand-Cut Lotus Chips

1.5 oz
$2.66 / oz
Hand-Cut Lotus Chips

Notes From The Producer

Hand-cut crispy lotus chips are an amazing savory snack. Seasoned with roasted seaweed, sesame seeds, sea salt, pepper, and cayenne, these will be your new go-to vegetable. (seasoned lightly, not spicy)

Eat them alone, use them to dip, enjoy with guacamole, or even in place of your crackers!

Ingredients: Lotus root, safflower oil, roasted seaweed, sesame seeds, sea salt, pepper, cayenne, and sugar.

Net Wt. 1.5oz

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Resealable Pouch, Approx Net Wt. 1.5oz

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Burma Love Foods Company
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Sharing borders with India, China, and Thailand, Burmese cuisine is inevitably influenced by the spices, seasonings, ingredients, and cooking styles of its neighbors. Yet it is the way these ingredients are combined which make Burmese dishes unique. We have brought our favorite recipes and prepared them as we would back home. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy sharing a part of our culture with you.Read more