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Burmese Tea Leaf Salad

10 oz
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Burmese Tea Leaf Salad

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A popular saying in Burmese cuisine goes, "Of all the fruit, the mango's the best, of all the meat, the pork's the best, and of all the leaves, lahpet's the best!" Laphet, or fermented tea leaves, is the national dish of Burma and is commonly served in a tea leaf salad. During the fermentation process, the best tea leaves are carefully sorted out and then fermented in large bamboo vats. Our take on the Burmese classic features pungent umami packed fermented tea leaves, crunchy peas and beans, and a tangy tamarind lemon dressing on a bed of refreshing organic lettuce. 

Ingredients: Burmese preserved tea leaves, organic Romaine lettuce, organic Roma tomatoes, crunchy peas, peanuts, and beans, jalepeños, organic cilantro, tamarind juice, lemon juice, fish sauce, and sugar. 

This is a Gluten-Free product and does NOT contain MSG. 

Allergen info: contains peanuts 

Be sure to mix in the tea leaf well and enjoy! 

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