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Tortilla Espanola with Romesco Sauce

6 servings
Tortilla Espanola with Romesco Sauce

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Time: 20 min active, 40 min total. Makes 6 servings.

Essentially a savory omelette, this egg-and-potato dish is a staple of lunch and snack times in Spain. Often served cold, it’s a perfect make-ahead, and it’s sure to impress a tableful of eaters of any age. (Plus, we’ll give you a shortcut that doesn’t even involve flipping. Easy peasy!)

Makes 6 servings

Active Time: 20 minutes 

Total Time: 40 minutes 

What You Get

Par-cooked potatoes
Roasted red peppers

What You’ll Need

Olive oil
Red or white wine vinegar

Step 1: Cut potatoes into chunks about ½” in size. Rinse and roughly chop a handful of parsley. Pour olive oil to about a ½” depth in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot (it should feel warm when you hold your hand an inch above and look shiny), carefully spoon in the potatoes (look out for splatters of oil!) and cook for about 15 minutes until potatoes crisp and start to brown, turning occasionally.

Step 2: Crack a dozen eggs into a medium bowl with a handful of chopped parsley and a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper. Whisk together with a fork until the whites and yolks are combined, then add the still-warm potatoes.

Step 3: Pour the egg-and-potato mixture into the pan and cook. Use a spatula to push and stir in the edges at first so that it looks more like scrambled eggs, then allow to set until eggs are mostly set, just a bit wet on the top. Cover the pan with a lid or a plate until the top is completely firm and the edges are crisped, then remove pan from heat.

Step 4: To make your romesco sauce, scoop about half of the bell peppers out of their jar and chop them together with a large handful of almonds until the pieces are small enough to spoon up (a food processor or blender will also work, if you’re in a hurry). Scrape into a bowl and add a big splash of vinegar, salt, and a few splashes of olive oil. Stir and taste, adjusting salt, vinegar and oil to your preference, then serve alongside wedges of tortilla.

Contains: eggs, tree nuts. 

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