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Kid's Lunch Kit

5 servings
Kid's Lunch Kit

Product Details

5 days' worth of lunches

We've noticed that our kids' school lunchboxes are just a round-trip ticket for apples, bananas and sandwiches. You too? Meet a changing seasonal assortment of fresh-cut fruit and veggies paired with healthy snacks and protein like cubed turkey, hard-boiled eggs or summer sausage. It's a lunch (and snack time, too!) solution for a whole week of bento box-style lunches, letting you and your kid keep it fresh, healthy, and delicious every day.

What You Get

12 oz turkey

1lb satsuma mandarins

6 oz bag of cheddar cheese bites

6 ct granola bars

6 oz bag of banana chips 

8 ct strawberry yogurt tubes

Ingredients: turkey (honey roasted turkey (organic turkey breast, sea salt, sodium carbonate, and natural flavoring), satsumas, pasteurized organic milk, cheese cultures, sea salt, vegetable enzymes, pure gluten-free oats*, agave nectar*, brown rice syrup*, raisins*, crisp brown rice*, sunflower oil*, inulin*, cranberries*, apple juice concentrate*, molasses*, raspberries*, blueberries*, vegetable extracts (spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets, shiitake mushrooms) blueberry flavor*, agar*, saba bananas, cane sugar, coconut oil, pasteurized lowfat milk, cane sugar, strawberries, fruit pectin, live active cultures.

Contains: milk, tree nuts. 

Note: flavor of Siggis Yogurt and Made Good Granola Bars may vary depending on availability.  Bento box not included.

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