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Extra Large Gwen Avocado

1 count
$4.27 / lb
Extra Large Gwen Avocado

Notes From The Producer

The Gwen is a tasty, green-skinned avocado--it doesn't darken as it ripens.  A cousin of the Hass, it is among the highest in oil content, which comes through in its rich flavor. It also oxidizes slowly, so its flesh looks bright green long after it has been cut open.  Bye-bye brown guacamole!

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Approx. 0.7-0.8 lb per avocado

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Will's Avocados
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The Brokaw Family has 50 years of experience growing California avocados, citrus and specialty subtropical tree fruits. Our operations are mostly based in Ventura County, but we also have farms in southern Monterey County. Will Brokaw, with the help of competent employees and a constantly evolving production system, personally manages the handling of this fruit.Read more